Chocolate Heart Lollipops for Valentine’s

What’s the way to your little ones hearts? Is it sweet treats, making goodies with you or crafting for the holidays. If you said one of the above, keep reading. 

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure & The French Pavilion Expansion

 Bonjour, Mademoiselle/Monsieur, bienvenue. 

Do I sound as though I’ve spent some time in Paris, because it sure felt like it yesterday during our visit to the new expansion to the French Pavilion and upcoming opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Walt Disney World Imagineers, staff and anyone else I might have missed always create what we never thought possible, which becomes a reality and your immersed into it. Which brings me to sharing all the details from yesterday. It truly was a one of a kind experience, I am forever grateful to be invited and even given the opportunity. To attend a behind the scenes event presented by Walt Disney World is one for the books. Think about this for one second, when you visit a Disney park, you see the magic from the attractions, decor, merchandise, cast members, and anything else that brings you joy during your visit; but, what about all of the behind the scenes to make that happen. I have some much appreciation after seeing with my eyes all that is done to make this all happen, and it is in the guests best interest. To be in a part of EPCOT, with limited guests, imagineers, press/news outlets, cast members, management and more was truly incredible.

5th Birthday Pawty for Caroline

Ever since the moment we brought our newest member to the family home, Delilah, our mini golden doodle, Caroline fell in love. She has always been animal lover of all types, and when she asked for a puppy themed pawty I started planning. “Caroline is turning one whole paw,” is all she would say with excitement for her special day. 

I got the inspiration for her party from a Taylor Joelle Designs puppy party dress and based our color scheme off of that, pinks/purples, white/black and a mix of yellow and a few other colors

5 Days at Walt Disney World

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of everyday, was all we sang anticipating our staycation with Disney Parks Blog to all of the Walt Disney World Resort Parks. I’ll be sharing a bit about our experience below - some tips, musts, Disney Fashion, and so much more. 
*Disclaimer - we visited the parks in June 2021 (certain guidelines have changed since then). If you have not heard effective July 30th, 2021 face coverings will be required (guest 2 and up) while indoors and riding on transportation services, regardless of vaccination status, you can read more here

Welcome to Miami, an oasis getaway to Four Seasons Miami

 Who would think a slice of paradise awaits in the heart of downtown Miami. The Four Seasons Miami is a gem for many reasons, the location, ambiance, amenities and food were like no other. Once we arrived with the exception to one time (due to weather), we never drove our vehicle after valeting. It doesn’t get any better than that when vacationing with children. 

Why to stay with FS Palm Beach

 It’s no surprise we love a quick getaway to the Palm Beaches, it’s under 3 hour drive and escape to tropical paradise with beautiful sceneries and exquisite food/shopping and sightseeing. I mean come on, everywhere you turn their are dreamy homes, florals and vehicles. Added bonus, the beautiful drive along the ocean.