Moose Toys Holiday Gifts for Girls

 Are you shopping for a girl ages 5-10? If so look no further. I’ve partnered with @supermoosetoys to share the Ultimate Holiday Toy Gift Guide for girls ages 5+. Take it from my daughters, they have reviewed all 6 toys, and loved each one of them. Why? The toys are engaging, interactive and each have a “surprise” feature to them. Which will you be gifting this year? 

Spring Kids Gifting

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Are you looking for the perfect gifting items for little girls ages  infant to 8 years old+? In this post I’ll be sharing items that are perfect to fill up a quick Spring/Easter basket or gift bundle.

Easter Basket Gift Guide with Moose Toys

 As I write this I can’t believe Easter season is underway, one of my favorite times of year, if I am being honest. The perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors, at least where we are its not too hot or cold - that perfect weather we all dream of (if only the pollen would go away). Flowers are blooming, lots of pops of colors are every where you look. New toys are being released and hitting the market to fill those Easter basket and eggs up with. You can never start shopping early enough, this year I have partnered with Moose Toys to share some must have toy items.

Ring Pop Craft

Are you looking for a fun craft to do in the backyard with your kiddos? I’ve got an easy craft with minimal supplies. Grab your kiddos, a Ring Pop Party Pack and start crafting.

New Mom & Baby Must Haves

 *Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. #momlifemustsBBxx

I might be a mom to three girls, however, some time has past since I last had a newborn making lots of products I formerly used and loved dated. Products are always changing and evolving, I am sharing some of my new favorites and why you will love them as well. 

Swan Princess Party

 Birthdays are celebrated BIG in our home, I love to plan and decorate for parties and go a bit overboard with the theme. For those that are just not into the planning and the “stuff” there is nothing wrong with keeping birthdays simple, so don’t feel like your not doing a good job. Any celebration, big or small is special. 

This year Caroline decided she wanted a “swan princess” birthday party. How did we decide on this theme? Well, usually something has influence on it, where we go through the Party Darling website or see something that sparks an idea. This one… we were walking through Sam’s Club and there she was, the large glittery and beautiful swan princess pool float.