Ring Pop Craft

Are you looking for a fun craft to do in the backyard with your kiddos? I’ve got an easy craft with minimal supplies. Grab your kiddos, a Ring Pop Party Pack and start crafting.

New Mom & Baby Must Haves

 *Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. #momlifemustsBBxx

I might be a mom to three girls, however, some time has past since I last had a newborn making lots of products I formerly used and loved dated. Products are always changing and evolving, I am sharing some of my new favorites and why you will love them as well. 

Swan Princess Party

 Birthdays are celebrated BIG in our home, I love to plan and decorate for parties and go a bit overboard with the theme. For those that are just not into the planning and the “stuff” there is nothing wrong with keeping birthdays simple, so don’t feel like your not doing a good job. Any celebration, big or small is special. 

This year Caroline decided she wanted a “swan princess” birthday party. How did we decide on this theme? Well, usually something has influence on it, where we go through the Party Darling website or see something that sparks an idea. This one… we were walking through Sam’s Club and there she was, the large glittery and beautiful swan princess pool float. 

Baby Girl Bow Bathroom

 In December 2021, when we found out that baby three would be a girl that is when all the planning began. All of the fun stuff. What would her name be? How would a theme be chosen for her room and bathroom? Would she later grow to love everything we had chosen for her? All the questions circled my head and lots and lots of searching the World Wide Web for the vision I had for “Claire’s” room. 

As a mom of girls (thus far) I knew her room would reflect all things feminine. My tip for designing is start somewhere and build off of that. Whether it’s a large piece of furniture, wallpaper or decor. For her bathroom it was resurfacing the outdated vanity into the inspiration of the little girls bathroom Palm Beach Lately shared. 

Teacher Appreciation Week Craft

 Teacher Appreciation Week is quickly approaching for the end of the school year, Monday May 2nd - Friday, May 6th (some school systems dates might vary). I am planning ahead especially since we have a busy calendar with lots in the works for the month of April, more on all of that soon. I have partnered with OOLY to help you craft something for those unique teachers in your child’s life. 

Spoil your pets with new products

*This post is sponsored in partnership with BabbleBoxx. #PupMustHavesBBxx

Pets, like humans, get excited to try new things. Whether it be a new treat for learning a new trick, extra booster added to their daily bland food or a toy they haven’t had before to keep them busy for some time. Thank you Babbleboxx for this opportunity to try some new brands and products we wouldn’t have other-wise added into Delilah’s regiment. Sharing all the new products below and my thought, well really how Delilah reacted/responded to each. Also, I want to be clear always check with your vet, if you are unsure if this product is recommended for your pet (dog in this case) or read the brands directions/label.