Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2020

Happy New Year, and with that said it's that time of year to begin a new decade with the best sale to kick-off the year. It's almost time for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (which only happens 2x a year). I'm sharing tips/takeaways and some sneak peeks in this post, so grab your cup of coffee, it's time to learn all you need to know for the best shopping experience.

Holiday Gift Guide - 2019

Fa La La La , the gift guide is here. This year I put together a guide filled with gifts that can withstand time, are geared for learning/pretend play and not just the latest trend that will be here and gone. Yes, the girls will be getting some of the advertised toys you see on every channel these days, and the things they WANT (thank you Target), and a splurge worthy item which has been sold out for over a month now. Hint, its been sitting covered in our garage since August, you'll have to wait and see on that one. I hope this guide helps your shopping a little easier and you add some unique gifts for your children, others or a special person in your life. It's the season of giving.

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree

Sing it with me y'all (it's our modern twist that ties together the below capture):
Rockin' around the Christmas tree
Find all the pink that you can see
A unicorn sings from sway to sway
Us girls are caroling.
You will find a rainbow inside your feelings
When this unicorn rocking horse is under your tree.

Santa's virtual sleigh has landed in Florida

I look forward to the girls annual visit to see Santa Claus, and the uncertainty of how they will react? In years past there have been tears, lots of tears, candy canes, quick hugs and this year might have been the best visit yet. The girls and I were invited by International Plaza and Bay Street to visit the Santa's Flight Academy in Tampa, Florida. I'll be sharing below all about the experience and why you need to add it to your list of MUSTS this holiday season.

Holiday Pajamas Guide

I can't ever have too many festive pajamas, its the season of wearing all the cozy clothing with holiday cheer. The time of year it is socially acceptable to wear pajamas to the grocery store, event or festive gathering, its tacky sweater (or pajama) season, so why not blame it on that. The girls and I love to wear our festive attire year round, yes my hubby laughs at me, but its just the feeling that warms my heart (and the memories shared). Shop early for your fave jammies, if you wait too long most will sell out rather quickly. I've gathered some of my personal selections to make it easy for y'all, hope you find something you like, tis the season.

A room for our sweet ballerina girl.

It's a change going from an all familiar baby nursery to an all in "big girl" room, but we decided to just go for it and start from scratch. I'll start by rewinding back a few months... we moved almost everything out of Caroline's room with exception to a few items. Lots of hours of research on the perfect room and items to go in it were spent, I didn't want to settle and had a vision. Now, here we are lots of pink and the perfect room to grow in for my littlest Caroline.