Teacher Appreciation Week Craft

 Teacher Appreciation Week is quickly approaching for the end of the school year, Monday May 2nd - Friday, May 6th (some school systems dates might vary). I am planning ahead especially since we have a busy calendar with lots in the works for the month of April, more on all of that soon. I have partnered with OOLY to help you craft something for those unique teachers in your child’s life. 

Spoil your pets with new products

*This post is sponsored in partnership with BabbleBoxx. #PupMustHavesBBxx

Pets, like humans, get excited to try new things. Whether it be a new treat for learning a new trick, extra booster added to their daily bland food or a toy they haven’t had before to keep them busy for some time. Thank you Babbleboxx for this opportunity to try some new brands and products we wouldn’t have other-wise added into Delilah’s regiment. Sharing all the new products below and my thought, well really how Delilah reacted/responded to each. Also, I want to be clear always check with your vet, if you are unsure if this product is recommended for your pet (dog in this case) or read the brands directions/label. 

A Diaper Bag Must Have

By the time baby girl is born, it will have been almost six years since we’ve had a newborn. So much has changed in the baby world, so many new products, musts and more but one thing that remains the same is converting my favorite tote bags (designer too) into a functional diaper bag. I knew a “must” would be organizing with a ToteSavvy insert. 

Peppa Pig Theme Park

 Oh Goody, time to join in and jump in muddy puddles with Peppa and George at the Peppa Pig Theme Park, located in Winter Haven, FL. Located just 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa areas. The girls and I were invited to attend a media (preview) day prior to the park opening, what a oinktastic day we had. I’m going to share what you can expect and more in the post, hope it helps prior to your visit. Peppa can’t wait to welcome all her new friends. 

Chocolate Heart Lollipops for Valentine’s

What’s the way to your little ones hearts? Is it sweet treats, making goodies with you or crafting for the holidays. If you said one of the above, keep reading. 

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure & The French Pavilion Expansion

 Bonjour, Mademoiselle/Monsieur, bienvenue. 

Do I sound as though I’ve spent some time in Paris, because it sure felt like it yesterday during our visit to the new expansion to the French Pavilion and upcoming opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Walt Disney World Imagineers, staff and anyone else I might have missed always create what we never thought possible, which becomes a reality and your immersed into it. Which brings me to sharing all the details from yesterday. It truly was a one of a kind experience, I am forever grateful to be invited and even given the opportunity. To attend a behind the scenes event presented by Walt Disney World is one for the books. Think about this for one second, when you visit a Disney park, you see the magic from the attractions, decor, merchandise, cast members, and anything else that brings you joy during your visit; but, what about all of the behind the scenes to make that happen. I have some much appreciation after seeing with my eyes all that is done to make this all happen, and it is in the guests best interest. To be in a part of EPCOT, with limited guests, imagineers, press/news outlets, cast members, management and more was truly incredible.