Birthday Celebration at American Girl Bistro

 A little girls fourth birthday celebrated in every special way possible. She got her first American Girl Doll plus accessories with just one thing missing, a luncheon with her new doll to celebrate. So we booked a reservation and waited to surprise our little birthday girl.

When we pulled up Caroline still wasn’t sure where we were going, she originally thought we were going to the airport to fly to the snow. Then once in the parking lot she associated the brands star logo that she recognized from her doll box and immediately started saying “American Girl Store, yeaaaahhh!” We let her know her doll would be getting her ears pierced, she could pick out a few new items and we would be going to the special bistro birthday lunch.

Let me first say, I was blown away by the service of all staff members from start to finish. It was so so special and now a must for special occasions. I was a bit apprehensive of how the food would taste, and to my dismay it was delicious. Who would have even imagined, gourmet dining at American Girl. 

 Package purchased: Sweet Sprinkles Birthday Celebration 

  1. Cost: $33 per child and $21 per adult; I know for a child's lunch this might seem a little steep, BUT, it is worth it in every way. Trust Me!
  2. Includes a three course meal (appetizer, entree and dessert plus a beverage); they had very kid friendly choices in each category and the girls got a special pink drink (lemonade). Charlotte chose pretzel bites for her appetizer and Caroline the fruit tray with yogurt. The presentation of each plate was enchanting for the girls, and perfect portions. Of course both chose their own personal pizza for lunch. 
  3. Dessert: ice cream with sprinkles and Caroline was brought over the cutest 6 inch round cake with a pink ribbon icing bow around it.
  4. Digital Invitations can be sent out if friends are invited to attend. 
  5. Goody bags are given to each child filled with AG goodies that are exclusives to the birthday celebration, the girls were also given doll meal settings to take home and masks for the dolls (oh 2020).  
 Now, what do you think... that is a lot of goodies for the price, and its an experience your special birthday girl will remember for years to come. I remember my first visit to an American Girl Doll Store, it was to the Chicago location (I was probably 10 years old). It was so magical, customizing a doll (which I have now passed down to my daughters), shopping for her, finding matching outfits and then dining at the restaurant there. This experience was a memory that I cherished and now my girls got to experience the magic for themselves. We are already planning our next visit, perhaps for the holidays. If you have a bistro in your area I highly recommend booking a reservation.
For more information visit the official website: click here.     

If you have any questions, comment below or send me an e-mail, I'd be happy to share some additional insights. 

xo, Lauren

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