Getting a new puppy.

For the last couple of years the girls have asked time and time again for a puppy. It was never the right time, or we found a reason to hinder our decision... then along came 2020. It put life in a new perspective for most, for us it was clear the timing was then to get a dog. We were home all the time with so many unknowns for the future. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones in the market. After searching for months, being added to a Summer 2021 waitlist and then almost rushing in to a Christmas 2020 puppy, we decided it was another sign that it wasn’t meant to be.

We gave up on our search for what seemed like forever until a hometown connection came about and we knew it was “our sign.” Shortly after the puppy pregnancy was confirmed, deposit sent, we shared the news with the girls. I cannot tell you the excitement and joy we received from the two of them. Finally. A PUPPY! 

I had grown up in a home with dogs through the years and knew one day I wanted that for my children, no greater love or bond. The puppies were born, and the planning began. was on speed delivery, Homegoods became a 3-4x a week inventory check excursion and lots of questions/concerns shared with the breeder. I can’t say it enough to make sure you get to know the breeder, this made our process so easy and the transition of brining home our new addition has been a breeze this first week. If you would have told me that a week prior I would have laughed.

I am no expert on puppies or training, but I hope this post sheds some light on the process and what has worked for us. And if you take nothing away from it, at least I have an e-journal to refer back to if and when we get another dog.

Why did we choose a mini goldendoodle? 

My husband is highly allergic to most dogs/cats, the dander specifically. One of the reasons it took us so long to finally say YES! Delilah is a F1bb mini goldendoodle (meaning her mom a F1b was bred with a moyen poodle.)  I always wanted a smaller/mid size dog that wouldn’t be so overwhelming. The mini’s are usually in the 20-25lb range at full size. 

What products did you get or recommend for a first time puppy owner?

The essentials:

 leash/collar and harness

food/water bowls

Puppy potty pads

Water resistant floor mat (washable)

Crate with puppy bed


Toys (lots of them)

Food/Treats + storage containers


Grooming tools

Smart puppy

Potty Training bell

First day home:

 I wanted Delilah to not be scared of her new environment. Upon arrival at home I immediately put her “security,” the littler blanket our breeder sent home with us, into the open crate and showed Delilah. She went in and went to sleep. I left the crate open so she wouldn’t feel caged and could get out when she wanted. Maybe I was blessed with a great puppy? She has never cried in the crate or her playpen. Did I mention she sleeps with this smart puppy (has a heartbeat and you add warming packets inside to make it feel real to the puppy)... It’s a game changer. 

Potty training: 

There are so many different methods, opinions and views on this. I am no expert but found what we have done thus far has worked. In one week she has had one potty accident, which was overnight and slightly my fault for not taking her out one last time before bed.

I installed the smart bell by the one door we would train her to go to when she needed to go potty. My signal to her has always been “Delilah let’s go potty!” (followed by tapping her paw on the button for it to ring) ... it’s all repetition and being consistent in the training. If you put in the time and effort to train your new puppy the goal you want to achieve can be met. 

Typical potty schedule: 

*each time prior to her waking up I take her straight outdoors or prior to leaving for an errand etc. Literally only whimpers when she needs to go potty. Watch for cues, sniffing, circling etc. 

Wake up at 5AM (go outside for quick potty)

Rest on puppy bed until breakfast

Breakfast between 6-7AM 

Potty break 7:15-7:30AM (pee pee and poop)


Outdoors 9:30-10:30

Lunch at 11-11:30AM

Potty break 12PM


Potty break 2:30PM (pee pee and poop)

Outdoors 2:45-4:15PM 

Dinner at 5PM


Potty break 7:30PM (pee poo) ... no more liquids


Final potty between 10-11PM

*usually wakes up at 5-5:30AM (goes straight outside to pee pee/poop, breakfast, out again 15ish minutes after eating.

All dogs are different, sharing our experience to help others gauge a day in the life.

In short, there are so many different opinions/suggestions on how to train your puppy, what to do and what you need. All they need are a safe space, lots of love and food! If your providing that you are doing a great job. If you have any other questions feel free to ask or share some tips I might have missed. Don’t forget to schedule your new puppies first vet visit.

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xo, Lauren

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