5th Birthday Pawty for Caroline

Ever since the moment we brought our newest member to the family home, Delilah, our mini golden doodle, Caroline fell in love. She has always been animal lover of all types, and when she asked for a puppy themed pawty I started planning. “Caroline is turning one whole paw,” is all she would say with excitement for her special day. 

I got the inspiration for her party from a Taylor Joelle Designs puppy party dress and based our color scheme off of that, pinks/purples, white/black and a mix of yellow and a few other colors

Party Details:

For the decorations I chose to keep things rather simple, less is more right? For one tablescape I added a pink/white gingham tablecloth then added vases filled with a large flawless candle and mini milk bone dog treats filled around it (a large box for all my vases cost under $7 and filled five various sized vases.). Then I gathered all my daughters American Girl plush puppies and added them on the table, and finished the look with some fresh florals and a few rawhide bones (also another inexpensive decoration, that if you have dogs can also be eaten after, found a bag of 9 for under $9). 

The main tablescape was one of my favorites, the dessert table and a festive backdrop for the pawty. Most of the decorations for this setting were from The Party Darling (she created custom tags for me to coordinate with her invitation.) Reach out to her directly if you find a theme you love on the website to see if she can customize anything else for your party. 

*Tablecloth, name tags, puppy cups, plates, dog faced cups, puppy party decor pics and grass table runner were all from The Party Darling. I started creating this space by adding the tablecloth, followed by the grass table runner and then adding various vases, cake stand, muffin pan and a basket. Then the filling of these pieces began.Vases were filled with pink tennis balls, dog milk bone treats, Scooby snacks, tennis gum balls, cookies, and a basket filled with invisibly packed snacks for the kids attending… fetching sticks (pretzel sticks), dog treats (Scooby graham snacks), and pup-corn (white cheddar popcorn). I took the dog faced cups and filled each one with homemade puppy chow, I’ll add the recipe below, so guests could grab a cup and go. To finish the dessert table I place the cake on a classic stand and added some cookie dog bones to a muffin pan mixed with some tennis gum balls. Lastly, with the help of Party City, I plugged in my balloon pump, blew up approx. 15 various colored star balloons, tied a satin ribbon to it and hung from the ceiling then added our Little Happies Happy Birthday Banner. 

Now, the main dishes for a puppy/dog themed party; a hot dog bar. Lots and lots of toppings, hot dogs and buns. For the toppings I ordered a bunch of inexpensive classic looking divided dog food bowls, filled the toppings in them, placed the buns in a large dog bowl and placed all the cooked hotdogs at the station. Also served a homemade pasta salad, baked beans, some appetizers, baked chicken dish and a large platter of chicken nuggets. The Hot Dog Bar was the all the rage, shredded cheeses, grilled onions, mustard/ketchup/relish, jalapeños, bacon bits and more were added to guests dogs. It wouldn’t be a perfectly themed party without them. 

The Party Favors were created around the Adopt Me Center, partnered with Party City (and a Dalmatian Puppy piñata, that I got no pictures/videos of because a torrential thunderstorm came out of nowhere.) I found large wooden crates at a local craft store, painted them pink and added the puppy in them, Little Tikes have the cutest Rescue Tales line, come with a baby puppy/kitten, stickers, cardboard crate/house, certificate and more. Added a thank you tag to them and each little guest was so excited to adopt and take home their new fur-eva plush pet. Made the space magical with all things from Party City, 13 in. air filled balloons spelled “ADOPT ME,” and a balloon arch in pinks/purples, white and more balloonified a wow-worthy display. Also, used this outdoor space for some drinks, snacks, fruit and nuggets for all the little guests attending. Wouldn’t be a party with some entertainment for the children, we love to rent water slide bounce houses, keeps the kids outdoors and busy most of the party.

**Adopt Me Center decorations was a paid partnership with Party City, to Balloonify your party with a wow-worthy display.

If I missed any details, links, or you have any questions comment below or you can also send me an email. Hope this theme helps you create a paw-fect pawty for your little one. 

Shops/Stores Featured:
Party Goods: The Party Darling
Balloons: Party City
Dress: Taylor Joelle 
Birthday Crown/Banner: Little Happies

Puppy Chow Recipe

6 cups Chex Vanilla Cereal

1-2 cups powered sugar

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips 

1. Melt chocolate chips and peanut butter together for 60 seconds.

2. Stir until its smooth (if chunky, reheat for 15-30 seconds)

3. In a large mixing bowl, add a layer of cereal, then some of the peanut butter mixture, keep adding cereal/the melted mixture until all is combined. You want the cereal to be thickly combined in the melted mixture.

4. Line a large baking sheet with wax paper.

5. Pour the puppy chow, let cool to room temperature

6. Sprinkle powered sugar, so its not overly sweet but coating all of the chocolate. 

7. Cool again for 20 minutes, then add another layer of powered sugar. 

8. Let harden for 1-2 hours then store in an air tight container. 

Dog Cups // Tennis Gumballs

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