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Pets, like humans, get excited to try new things. Whether it be a new treat for learning a new trick, extra booster added to their daily bland food or a toy they haven’t had before to keep them busy for some time. Thank you Babbleboxx for this opportunity to try some new brands and products we wouldn’t have other-wise added into Delilah’s regiment. Sharing all the new products below and my thought, well really how Delilah reacted/responded to each. Also, I want to be clear always check with your vet, if you are unsure if this product is recommended for your pet (dog in this case) or read the brands directions/label. 

Pet Wants - treats, chews & more

It’s no surprise that Delilah has become a very particular eater, she loves her basic food and anything peanut butter flavored. Now, that she is a little over a year I was ready to take the step for her to expand her pallet. Pet Wants offers fresh, nutritional pet food from the highest quality ingredients… delivered to your doorstep. What Delilah tried: wild caught freeze dried salmon and peanutty cookie, which I gave as treats to her for going potty outside and playing fetch. She LOVED both.

Pet Wants offers free delivery, and has redefined “freshness” in the pet food industry. Give your pets the clean, nutritious and fresh food/treat/chews that they WANT. Start your order today.

Multipet International - pet toys & accessories 

Does your fur pet absolutely go circles when you tell them you got them a new toy? Delilah is a super chewer, and goes through toys like crazy. Thankfully she has never chewed anything otherwise, our furniture, home, clothing and more has gone untouched; but, GOODNESS does she love her toys. I felt nostalgic giving her Lamb Chop, a classic show I grew up watching. It was so sweet to see her be so gentle with this plush dog toy, and even cuddle with it and fall asleep. This is a MUST toy, comes in various sizes and designs, you can see more here. The Easter one is precious, adding to her Easter Basket NOW. If plush toys are your ideal pet toy, don’t you worry the Globken (chicken) dog toy is all the rage. Dogs go crazy for the chicken noise, its made of soft latex, and stuffed with plush fibers for added texture. You can collect many colors, pink is next on her list. This toy kept Delilah engaged for quite some time, we played fetch with it, and each time it squawked at her she went nuts for it. When she was teething as a puppy, she had the chilly bone (which I highly recommend). Look into it if your getting a puppy soon. 

Tip: Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys and inspect them often. Do not permit your pet to play with a pet toy that is broken, damaged or worn. 


Enter Here: Dog Toys

Dinovite - nutritional supplements, toppers and treats 

I never knew meal boosters for pets existed, this was new to learn about. NubONubs Meal Booster, given to Delilah below, is a 100% freeze dried meat meal topper that helps improve the meat to carb ratio to deliver nutrients and protein to your pets diet. Before adding as a meal topper, I put a scoop in Delilah’s food bowl to see how she would react to it, and she ate it so quick. The next day, I added a scoop on top of her normal breakfast, and again she ate it all and most of her breakfast. Typically she grazes throughout the day so this was a surprise to see almost her food bowl completely empty by 7AM. The freeze dried raw beef is loaded with vitamins and minerals and increase the amount of protein your pet receives each meal. Follow the serving size guidelines on the packaging. I’ve got a discount code for y’all to try, use code BOXX15 for 15% of any meal booster flavor (code is valid until 3/31/22, can only be used 2x per customer). 

Champion Pet Food - premium pet food

ACANA dog food is a premium food that is freeze dried, forgot the mess, filled with the benefits of raw nutrition. Available in both patties or morsels, can be fed as a meal or topper on current food. Products are infused with bone broth and ingredients that matter. Tried the freeze dried free run chicken patties, which she ate in an instant and the freeze dried morsels in the ranch raised beef. Both are great options for dogs, also easy to pack for families on the go. Order some freeze dried food for you dog or cat today. 

If you have any questions about any of the pet products featured please let me know. 
Thanks for stopping bye, xo Lauren


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