Swan Princess Party

 Birthdays are celebrated BIG in our home, I love to plan and decorate for parties and go a bit overboard with the theme. For those that are just not into the planning and the “stuff” there is nothing wrong with keeping birthdays simple, so don’t feel like your not doing a good job. Any celebration, big or small is special. 

This year Caroline decided she wanted a “swan princess” birthday party. How did we decide on this theme? Well, usually something has influence on it, where we go through the Party Darling website or see something that sparks an idea. This one… we were walking through Sam’s Club and there she was, the large glittery and beautiful swan princess pool float. 

The Details

Party Cart: the focal point for the decorations I, cookies and cake. The backdrop for all the photos with our birthday girl.

Balloons: mostly all from Amazon.

Party Darling: paper products, crowns, swan balloons, coloring table runner 

Cookies: Eight Arms Bakery

Clothing: Shade Critters and Crown Forever Kids (Tutu Du Monde)

Knit Doll: Cuddle and Kind (Harlow the Swan)

Flowers: Trader Joes

Cake: Addie Cakes (I added the flowers and crown to the cake)

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xo Lauren 


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