The Step2 Company Collaboration

It's OCTOBER, so naturally we put up some HALLOWEEN decorations.

The Step2 Company sent us a few products to review so here it goes ...
Below you will find info on the first product, the Courtyard Cottage (in pink). It is the cutest playhouse for an indoor playroom or outdoors on a smaller back patio. Some of my fave features include the built in floor, size compatibility, ringing doorbell and its multi-function usage for pretend play. When the product arrived at our doorstep the girls were so excited to open it and set it up.
It was very simple to put together, maybe took me 20 minutes or less to assemble by myself ... yes, I know how to use a power drill and get the job done. 

First on the girl's agenda, turn the cottage into their own space and decorate it.
I foresee this becoming such a fun thing for us to do for the holidays. 
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day ... I can see all the decorations now. 
The perfect space for the girls to call theirs.

Products used in photos (linked below to shop) - 

Playhouse: Courtyard Cottage
Side note ... the girls pajamas are currently on sale for $19.00 and they glow in the dark. They are linked above and also come in a style for boys. 

If you need a creative/pretend play space for your little one, I highly recommend purchasing one of these cottage playhouses.We have many products that are Step2 and love them all, durable, long lasting products.

It is the perfect to space for a toddler to call theirs. Charlotte loves to bring her mermaid tail, pillow and read books with her dolls.

Stay tuned for more ideas on how to get creative and use this space indoors/outdoors. Next project will be pretend play gardening perhaps (it comes with two pots, a gardening tool and an area you can put various items, underneath the pictured window).

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