Moose Toys Holiday Gifts for Girls

 Are you shopping for a girl ages 5-10? If so look no further. I’ve partnered with @supermoosetoys to share the Ultimate Holiday Toy Gift Guide for girls ages 5+. Take it from my daughters, they have reviewed all 6 toys, and loved each one of them. Why? The toys are engaging, interactive and each have a “surprise” feature to them. Which will you be gifting this year? 

Featured Toys:

Real Littles Mini Fridge (priced under $20)

Lots of mini micro stationary and items that function; food erasers, pens, tape, paper clips and a pencil sharpener - all themed to items in a fridge. My girls love to pretend play with this set with their dolls. Shop here.

Magic Mixies Pixlings Dolls (priced under $18) 

Mix the potion to reveal 1 of 3 Pixlings! Which will you get? Make sure to collect them all, each is stunning, and the reveal process was so much fun and magical. Shop here.

Little Live Pets Minis (priced under $15)

Will the mama have 2, 3 or 4 babies? Will you be a mama to lil bunny or lil mouse? 7+ surprises and interactive play set to reveal the babies. Shop here.

Magic Mixies Mixlings (priced under $10)

A perfect stocking stuffer, over 40 figures to collect? Which magical power will yours have? Will it glow in the dark, color change, reveal a fortune, wings or hair? You’ll have to create the potion and find out. Shop here.

Little Live Pets Zoogooz  (priced under $16)

Intercative gooey pet that you hug and hang. Add to your arm, clip on backpack or anywhere. Has over 70 reactions, make noises, has a surprise to find and more. Shop here.

Magic Mixies Potion Cauldron Game (priced under $20)

Spin the wheel, add the ingredients to the cauldron for a chance to see if the Mixling will fly out? This game was so fun and had us anxious to see when our mixling would fly out. Lots of giggles and laughter. Shop here

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