DIY Wind-Up Doll Costumes with Pumpkin Balloon Mosaic

Happy October y'all, cant believe I just said that.
(and the accounting side of me can't help but think how in the world did we just enter the 4th quarter of the year, WHAT?!?)
It's a time for all the DIY costumes, especially when your little ones have parties to attend, trick or treating and festivities at school ... I am sure your wallet will thank you for not purchasing an over priced, itchy costume that will collect dust in the closet. Don't get me wrong, sometimes its worth it to splurge on the Pottery Barn Kids "must have," my girls play dress up year round, it will get worn, but why not search your home and create a costume, its fun to have your little ones help make them too.

I've been wanting to make the girls into wind-up dolls since I laid eyes on these dresses from The Beaufort Bonnet Company, it reminded me of a modern day Raggedy Ann mixed with an American Girl. Then, I came across The Creative Heart Studio, it was love at first sight seeing all of her amazing creations. I knew I needed to make a wind-up balloon pumpkin to go with the girls costumes.
What you need for the doll costume:
- darling dress from your closet
- knee high / lace socks
-sparkle shoes
- doll inspired makeup (eyeliner +red lipstick)
- DIY wind up key
What you need for wind-up key:
- toilet paper roll
- glitter construction paper or poster board 
- hot glue gun
- white duct tape
- white ribbon
1. Measure glitter paper to cover toilet paper roll, adhere paper to roll with glue dots or hot glue.
2. Cut out your key with xacto knife
3. Glue key to inside of toilet paper roll
4. Add ribbon to sides to tie around your daughters waist
*All supplies were purchased at Joann's Craft Store for under $10 (don't forget to bring some competitor coupons).

What you need for the pumpkin balloon mosaic:
- pink balloons
- Four 20 x 30in foam boards
- mini white duct tape
- misc. supplies per instructions
*Pictured below is the wide version of the mosaic, also available in a tall version.
I added the white ribbon, felt with button pockets, felt peter pan collar and wind-up key to the balloon mosaic, this was an extra.
I will say creating just the pumpkin balloon mosaic was very time intensive. My advice, do a step or two at a time, then take a break.
Overall it took approx. 4 hours of labor from start to finish - cut out template, trace printed paper template onto foam board base, cut out base, measure/score foam board strips for sides, inflate balloons and assemble balloons into mosaic with glue dots.
I was very proud of the finished product, I will certainly be making more for the holidays.  

There you have it, an easy DIY costume that also is an everyday darling dress, it's a win if you ask me.
Would love to see if y'all create your own version, remember to tag me.
Happy Halloween!
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