ART is one-of-a-kind

similar to our children, unique in its own way.

This year we are making it a priority in this household to let art flourish and never take a back seat to this ever advancing world filled with distractions and technology (just to mention a few). It is important to let children explore the creative side in them and the art that shines from within. I asked my oldest, whom is almost three and a half, what art meant to her and she answered "drawing and colorful." This answer came only after I described to her what art was--her first response being "Shopkins and LOL Surprise Dolls." Not quiet what I was looking for, sweetie.

I can remember my childhood always involved playing outdoors and getting creative with chalk. We would spend endless hours outdoors under the sun with this creative tool. So when I mentioned going outdoors and playing with chalk to my girls they were panting like puppy dogs at the sliding glass door looking at the back porch.

Thus brings me to the: #FollowYourArt Campaign.

I know it is still "technically" Winter, but in Florida we are already springing forward a little earlier. Who doesn't love fresh flowers, perfect outdoor weather and longer days outside? When the opportunity was given to us to partner with our friends at Gymboree to show how we get creative, it was a no-brainer.

Art is expressing your imagination with an image, portrait or something visual. Art can shine through in anything your little one may do. Coloring a photo. Dressing themselves. Creating a new dance move. You get the point.

This Spring make it a priority to let your children get creative and create a form of art, it is important for both of you.

I can't say enough great things about Gymboree's Spring Collection. If you know me or follow along on my Instagram you are aware that I love matching my girls as well as finding coordinating pieces for them. Let me tell you, this collection offers all of that, and in all age groups - baby/toddler/little kid. They offer matching prints in each collection and coordinating pieces for all age categories. I browsed so many mix and match separates to create a look that was clear Charlotte and Caroline are sisters, but each with a unique personality and style.

For Caroline, my 18 month old, I chose this adorable duo, daydreamer tee and floral skirt.
 For Charlotte, my 3 1/2 year old, I chose the balloon glitter tee paired with a sparkle tutu, it is stunning and adorable together.
 For reference I sized up for both, size 2 and 4. I accessorized each girl with a glitter bow.
I love that Gymboree offers affordable pieces from each collection that wont break the bank to outfit your child for each season. I am so happy with the way the looks came out. Then the idea came to me, what we would create while wearing them ... a chalk art display that would include them in it.
First, we created the chalk art scene.

Let me just say, these clothes are made to last. The girls were covered in chalk once all was said and done (oh and the baby with red lollipop stains all over her white tee). Every bit of staining/markings came out of the clothing after a quick wash. The outfits in this collection are durable and can withstand anything your child decides to do.
Second, we made the chalk scape come to life (after many attempts and standing on a ladder, my neighbors probably thought I was a little crazy).

Lastly, we let our imaginations run wild and made a fun afternoon together. Isn't that what its all about anyway?
I encourage you this Spring to get creative in any way that deems appropriate to you. I have linked the new collection at Gymboree here: FollowYourArt. I would love to hear how you and your family create art, leave a comment below for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Gymboree.

*This post was sponsorsed with Gymboree. All opinions are based on my own experience with the company's products and service.


  1. I love getting my kids outside as much as possible when it is nice out. One of the ways we like to get creative is to save all of our caps from bottles and jugs to make 3d artwork with google eyes and we've been save can tabs for about a year now and plan on making wind chimes this summer with all of them. Using recycled items to get artsy and creative is good for the planet and our minds :) Loved the post. Camt wait to go check out the new spring collection.

  2. One of our favorite ways to create art is with boxes. It is amazing what my kids are able to come up with. We save many boxes so on a rainy or even a sunny day, I give my kids markers, crayons, stickers, ribbons, whatever supplies we have and let their imaginations run wild! It is one of their favorite things to do :)

  3. My baby is only 6 months old so right now we mostly do art through dancing! We’ve exposed her to a variety of different music and we dance around the house with her. :-). Soon I’m going to get our paints and different things to let her freely explore and manipulate them. I can’t wait to get more creative and to see what her interests are! (Anna M)

  4. My daughter paints a lot! She has also entered coloring contests and won an "honorable mention" in one.

    Thanks for the chance!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com