End of the year gifts

Wow, I cannot believe my oldest has completed her first year of school. As I look back and reflect on the year some moments seem so close and others out of reach. As my husband would say one year under her belt and nineteen more to go, thinking about her growing older and becoming a little lady terrifies me. I would love to keep her young, innocent and under my wing for as long as I can.

I love her little preschool and the friends we have made through this school year, I will miss our routine, her classmates and of course her teachers. I wanted to show my thanks to her teachers by putting together a token of our appreciation with a relaxing kick start to Summer.

I brainstormed and this is what I grabbed while strolling through Target:
Who doesn't love some things for yourself that you wouldn't necessarily purchase on a whim. Some smaller items that I am sure both teachers could use to wind down from a group of toddlers they taught all year. While out shopping I also grabbed two latte cup sets from Starbucks to wrap the gifts in.I neatly put all the items inside the cup, inserted the straw through the top and put the lid on. I tied it all together with a bow and a note that said: "enjoy something hot or cold, because you should be told, thanks a latte for all you do, love charlotte."
Below is the finished gift, note to self, don't always strive for perfection. 

Also sharing a few books we are donating to her classroom for next year.
I leave you with this and hope you all have the best Summer:
"I'm ready for Summer, and all things hot, who's with ME?" (in Olaf from Frozen voice)

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