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Ever since Caroline was a newborn I wanted her to choose an item that would be her security niche. For her older sister it has always been, hands down, her blanket, that thing has been through it all. So I would put different items snuggled next to her at nap time, etc.  to see what she liked best. One afternoon, she laid her head on the Wee Baby Stella Sweet Dreams Doll and out came the sound of the baby saying, "Momma Momma" and then giggling. That was all she needed to hear, the moment she picked her security, the Baby Stella Dolls. A tiny side note, during her first two years of life, I have been her sense of security. 
If you are looking for the perfect doll to be passed down from generation to generation this is it. They are well made, super soft, smell amazing and come with so many accessories. The only downside, is we tend to misplace the magnetic pacifiers, however, not to worry, you can always order replacements.
While Charlotte is at school, Caroline loves to gather all her dolls and play with them in her big sisters room. Today, was no different. Per request she picked the book Goodnight Florida Keys and told the dolls what picture was on each page, it was adorable to watch.
Thanks to Manhattan Toy Co. for the added dolls to her collection, we have one happy little girl. Did I mention this collection makes the perfect gift for someone you don't know what to buy?
Pick a doll, outfit and accessory for the occasion and gift it to the special person.
*This is a sponsored post with Manhattan Toy Company, all photos, opinions and reviews are my own.

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