Teeny, Tiny & Totally Collectible

Happy New Year y'all, hope the holidays treated you with good cheer and your year is off to a great start. Took some time off from blogging and focused on spending time with the little ones, exploring new influencing opportunities and gearing up for what's to come this year.
Do you have little ones that love all of the blind bags and or collectibles on the market these days? Thanks Target/Walmart for having an overwhelming supply of various products on your shelves, my girls love to frequent these aisles to get their tiny hands on the latest craze.

MicroZoo Mystery Packs bring the exotic wild animals to you.
A few weeks back we were given an opportunity to spread the word on this new collectible product, available at your local Target or MicroZooWorld. Each teeny, tiny plush animal is boxed with a fact booklet that gives insight to that animals conservation status and fun facts about the animal. The plush animals you will find aren't particularly well known to children, so it is a new way to explore and learn about other animals in the wild.
Charlotte, my oldest, found it interesting to learn about the pink armadillo and okapi, she got in a fit of laughing when I told her they had very very smelly feet.  
Learn about these endangered or unknown animals with your little ones, and collect them all!
"MicroZoo brings the WILD to YOU."
 We will be bringing these along to our next trip to the zoo, you never know which you might see. 
*Partnership with Beverly Hills Teddy Bear, all opinions and photos are my own.

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