A strawberry pickin they go.

Who loves Strawberries? The girls have been asking daily to go pick some deliciousness for our house, but I was hesitant to load up and travel over an hour one way. Recently, we started hearing that a local farm was less than 10 miles from our house with all the u-pick strawberries, greens etc.

If your local to the Central Florida area, I highly recommend visiting Bekemeyer Family Farm.
I love supporting local companies, and businesses with a purpose. As soon as we pulled up we were welcomed with southern charm/hospitality from the owners who greeted us. The girls listened to the instructions, grabbed their buckets and were on their way. I told them once: "don't pick green or rotted ones, no eating, and no dropping any on the ground to keep the bugs away."
Caroline left covered in juices from squeezing some too hard & Charlotte got the biggest red juicy ones, and was beyond proud of herself.
We spent a little over an hour and had the best time. It was so worth $20 for strawberries to see the girls making memories, I can still hear the laughter through the aisles, buzzing of the bees and faces from the girls when they found another "big one."
Its days like today that I want to keep them young, protected and under my wing.
I'll be sharing more on what we do with all the strawberries later this month or next, for now we cleaned, washed, and froze the majority of them for a later date.  
I've linked the girls outfits from Shrimp & Grits Kids, which are on backorder until 4/15/19, but can still be purchased in advance.  

(1) Pinafore Set // (2) Print Dress // (3) Smocked Dress // (4) Smocked Bubble 
Now its your turn, comment below for a chance to win a $50 shop credit to Shrimp & Grits Kids. In the comments simply state what you like to make with fresh strawberries, and a bonus entry if you share a recipe.
Contest ends Friday, February 22nd at 10PM EST.
Good luck & thanks for following along.
xo, Lauren


  1. Eeek this shop credit would be AMAZING. I LOVE making strawberry popsicles during the summer!! Here’s my fav recipe.

  2. Their outfits are darling! We love making strawberry smoothies and strawberry lemonade with fresh strawberries!

  3. What a fun day!! Their little outfits are the cutest!! I’m really impressed at how clean they stayed... last year we were covered in red juice from our head to our toes! Love!!

  4. We all love to just eat the berries, they usually don’t make it long enough to make anything because my family gobbles then up! Love those sweet outfits and props momma for keeping them clean!!