Playtime with the cutest woodland creatures in the land

It's no secret, the girls love to pretend play with anything that is collectible. A year ago my oldest was gifted the Lil Woodzeez Hillside Cottage House over the holidays, which started the newest craze to collect all the things ... the family sets, transportation vehicles, small/medium/large mini room & play sets, bobble head mystery packs & nursery mystery packs, are all amongst this vast array of things that can be collected. If you haven't seen these adorable play sets, they are a Target Exclusive.

Children can let their imagination run wild amongst the play sets offered in this collection of lovable creatures, all brought right to your indoors. Each day brings a new adventure with the Lil Woodzeez, take a trip on the airplane, drive to the beach in the camper or pretend they have to go to school, etc. The family sets come with a storybook pertaining to that family. If your looking for a unique Easter basket stuffer, hop on over to your nearest Target, pick some smaller things out and wah-la.

My girls race down the collectable/mystery pack aisles to see which creature they will get in the colored acorn ... of course they are always on the hunt for the ultra rare ones, aren't we all? Look for the colored acorns or baby cribs to collect all mystery animals, will you get a rare, ultra rare or supreme?

I've linked some of our favorite pieces below that the girls play with at least 1x a day.  
Some of our favorite products from the Lil Woodzeez line:
Thanks to our friends at Lil Woodzeez, for sending us some additional pieces to add to our collection.
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