Golf Summer Camp at PGA National Resort & Spa

School is almost out "fore" Summer, which means looking for camps, activities and taking vacations with your children. Growing up we always were signed up for that annual swim class, a camp and went on a major vacation, it is what is usually expected for Summer.

A few weeks ago the girls and I stayed at PGA National Resort & Spa, while we were there the girls were invited to participate in a private golf lesson. It was the girls first time on an actual golf course. They learned basic techniques, strategies and what was expected of the game. At the ages of two and a half and four and a half, they mastered what was presented to them, I was one proud momma.

 If you live in Central Florida or the Palm Beach County area I highly recommend adding the children's golf camp to your list. For more information click here. Golf campers must be at least three years of age and Tennis campers must be at least five years of age to participate. If schedules allow I will be signing up my oldest for the Little Golfers Mini Summer Camp with Mrs. Sasha Butler, its a three day camp for two hours per session from 9AM to 11AM offered during the dates of June 12 -14; June 9-11; July 24-26 (until spots are filled). As I stated earlier, if your in the Central Florida area this still might appeal to you, think a mini getaway while your little ones are enrolled in a camp & you can stay at the resort for $96.50 a night (plus resort fee and taxes). Proof of Florida ID required at check in. Plan ahead, download the form to enroll your little golfer. 
A glimpse into the girls lesson, learning the basics, while also having fun with it.

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