Have yourself a roaaaaaring good time.

Whenever we go on a quick getaway, vacation or day trip, its a must to add something fun to the agenda for the girls. I knew when we decided to go to Nashville again that I wanted to make the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere a priority. So straight off the plane we headed toward the zoo, & the girls were so excited.
Reasons why we loved this zoo our first visit (Summer 2018) & returned:
  • the children's playground is amazing, made of wood and the largest community jungle gym in the United States.  
  • the animal encounters - walk through an area of kangaroos, feed the lorikeets, walk with the tortoises, and much more.  
  • visit the new vet center & tiger crossroads, which are both now open.
  • the many animals to view in well maintained habitats.

For more check out my stories, we didn't see as much this time around due to one of the girls not feeling her best, she was feeling an onset of motion sickness from the plane ride over. Poor thing, but she put on a happy face when we arrived at the kangaroos. We did see some clouded leopard cubs being fed, playing and sleeping in the new vet center. While looking through the glass windows we also saw a goats dental procedure and were featured on the local news. I couldn't find the link when we were on camera, but found this one from April 2019. I'll check back in a few days to see if I can get y'all the link, it was neat.

 I hope y'all add this to your list of musts when planning your next trip to Nashville, TN. I can guarantee y'all will have a roaring good time, we sure did.  

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