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Since our littlest turned three almost a month ago, it has opened the door to her next chapter in so many things, especially the step of becoming a little girl. Its been hard for me to let go of all the "baby" items ... letting go of the nursery furniture and décor has been a bit of struggle for all of us. Then, a few weeks ago we went for it, took apart the crib, and moved most of the things out of the "baby" room to transform it into a big girl room. It has been a work in progress, but I have been having fun picking out all of my musts.
Can't wait to show y'all the transformation in a few weeks.

In the meantime, all that's in there is the perfect "dream" worthy mattress, a few odds and end baby pieces and the nursery décor. The mattress is a total dream, its so soft it feels like you are sinking into a cloud. I highly recommend, checking out Linenspa if your in the market for a new mattress for your children, guest room our your master suite. I chose the 10 inch memory foam hybrid mattress for the obvious reasons - soft "pillow" feel, not too firm or soft (the perfect in between), and a medium comfortable feel. If you invest in a quality mattress, rest will follow.
Cover: 1.5 Inches Quilted Memory Foam
 Comfort Layer: 2.5 Inches Foam
 Base: 6 Inches Tempered Steel Springs and Support Foam
Size: Full
The scene of unboxing this mattress was pure joy in the girls eyes, like magic. They had no idea what was inside the box, all I told them was that it was for Caroline's room, as it was unrolled from the packaging the girls eyes got bigger and bigger with anticipation. Once it was setup the fun began. Pillow fights, enchanted story telling to each other, and creating an obstacle around the "softest" fort ever Mommy! Now, if only we can get them to sleep in the bed together, once the room is setup in a few weeks.
I'm so excited to show y'all the transformation.
Bed is in route.
Bedding ordered.
Wallpaper needs to be installed.
Perfect touches need to be added.
Little girls are anticipating the room reveal, I just cant wait for it to all come together.
But, for now, it all started with a mattress.

*Note: the mattress pictured had just been unboxed thirty minutes prior, so it still hadn't settled fully.
Did I mention all of their mattress come in a box?
Yep, all you need to do is unbox, cut the plastic off and it will unroll.

Don't crawl back into bed, lets tackle the day.
xo, Lauren

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