Is frequently visiting Walt Disney World always a magical experience?

A question I have been getting messaged quite frequently, "Is frequently visiting Walt Disney World always a magical experience?" or "Does it seem less magical since you visit weekly?"
My answer always is the same, "How could it be anything but magic, because each visit is a new experience!" A new character visit, treat to eat, cast member to interact with and much more. No visit is the same, how could it be when there is so much to see and do while at Magic Kingdom.
Add a new "must see/do" each visit.
Indulge that new treat.
Watch the parade, let your hair down and dance in the moment.
Purchase the colored balloon or bubble wand.
Wait in line to see the princess of your little ones dreams.
Splurge on the magical ears.
Just have fun, try to go with the crowds and live in the moment.
A little insight from a typical visit - I usually let the girls pick the top three rides they want or add in a new one they haven't experienced or been on in a while before we arrive. Once we arrive, we add our ears (that magical touch) and head towards Main Street USA. On a day like today, we arrive close to park opening time, to avoid lines/crowds getting into the park and hit as many rides as possible without using a FastPass. If you followed along in my stories we rode 5 rides in approx. an hour, on a weekend, that is usually unheard of without a FastPass, the magic or looming rainstorm was on our side. After rides, we grab a bite to eat, usually a pick me up iced latte for us parents and a treat for the girls.
I like to seek out something in advance that is new to experience, whether its find a hidden mickey, interact with one of the many interactive murals/walls or stop in Sir Mickey's for some magical pixie dust, to keep the magical experience alive. If you don't want to splurge on Bippity Boppity Boutique this visit with your princess, stop into Sir Mickey's located outside of the castle for some pixie dust. We recently discovered this trick and now its a must each visit, who wouldn't want sparkly glitter sprinkled in their hair and to have that magical touch dusted over them?
 Dresses: Pippa Layette
Ears: Disney Parks Exclusive, I found them online here
Shoes: Mini Melissa
Now, back to my opening question, each visit whether a week or month have past us by is always a new "magical" experience because of the cast members, many interactions or experiences and just plain being in the ambiance of one of the happiest places on Earth. Walt Disney World certainly lives up to that mantra, and the girls and I couldn't agree any more.
Thanks for stopping by.
xo, Lauren.

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