Zoomin with Step2

Have you ever walked into a store or browsed online to come across a modern day item that brings you back to feelings of childhood nostalgia? It must be because the holidays are approaching with modern day toy twists or popular items are making comebacks to appeal to younger generations. Either way, I am all for it. The girls received a Step2 Zip N' Zoom Pedal Car, which immediately brought me back to my childhood because it resembled a "go kart" and as if the girls were racing in a modern day Mario Kart game, but in live view (hence attaching the white balloons since we are extra).
 Why we love this product:
  • lightweight (can easily be stored in an SUV trunk or truck bed) to bring a long to a park, trail etc.
  • pedal movement
  • grip handle maneuvering
  • three position adjustable seat back to grow with your child (my oldest is turning five in a few weeks and has the seat at the lowest setting)
I took the girls to a development with sidewalks that crossed over bridges to have some fun with this new pedal car. They must have went up and down the hills/bridges at least 30x, all I heard was "it's my turn, my turn" or "mommy, look out watch me!" I foresee them having lots of fun outdoors with the pedal car and testing out all its capable of, zipping left, then right and spinning out. For now they are cautious with it, mainly pedaling forward and steering slowing.
The girls have been pretend playing with Step2 products since their early years, and have grown with each item. We love all the hours of pretend play, using imagination and creative thinking from each item. The girls have had kitchens, water tables, slides, ride-ons, doll accessories and even a bed all made by Step2. I can stand here and say, "thanks for all the memories made Step2," and am certain this new addition will be no exception.

If your child is aware of Mario Kart, add this to your gifting list this holiday season, it is under $100, easy to assemble and will make a grand gesture this season.
*I am a member of the Step2 Ambassadorship Program. As part of this program, I received free products in exchange for my review and opinion."

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