Whale you be my Valentine DIY Box

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, now is the time to think about if your going to pickup a store bought with coordinating box or make one yourself. Charlotte and I were inspired by a whale print to make a unisex themed box with coordinating card. I'm a little extra, found some Sugarfina gummies to go with, I'll link everything through out.

Theme: Whale you be my Valentine?
Foam Board x 2
1 yard of fabric (pink or blue gingham)
Felt (precut hearts)
Google Eyes
Xacto Knife
Hot Glue Gun and lot of glue sticks
Misc: pipe cleaners, glitter, pom poms and mini construction paper hearts
1. Free hand your whale, I taped the felt heart tale then drew in the rest of the frame
2. Cut out the shape with your Xacto knife (you will need to cut two, one for each side)
3. Grab your fabric, lay your first whale foam board side face down onto the fabric, leave about and 1-2 inches around the base then cut the fabric.
4. Using the hot glue gun, outline the board with hot glue and pull the fabric tight and push down, repeat on other board, until completely covered and fabric is glued to the inside.
Hint: remember to flip the other side so it is opposite the first (fabric facing outward).
5. Grab some of the extra foam board to make the inner belly of your structure, I made ours approx. 8cm wide and the length of the body.
6. Grab your Xacto knife and score the foam board belly, about 1 cm strips across, this will help you shape and bend the bottom like a belly. Hint: don't cut completely through the foam board, it needs to stay attached. Repeat steps 3-4 and cover the bottom of the belly with fabric.
7. Attach the belly to the body, hot glue the sides and then place a lot of hot glue inside the box to keep it all attached.
8. Decorate the box, we outlined with white pom poms, added some hearts on the tale, a heart fin, heart blowhole with heart shaped water drops, etc.
9. For the top of the box, I cut out some more foam, covered with fabric and attached. I left the front portion open to access the Valentines.
We will be sending in printed cardstock Valentines, linked below and attaching either whale tattoos or sticker sheets, once I assemble I'll post those. Hope this DIY tutorial helped y'all try to unlock your crafty side and make something with your little ones, this was a fun one to create with the girls.
*All materials were purchased at our local Joann Fabric & Craft Store.
pink gingham fabric // wiggle eyes // wiggle eyes too // foam hearts // foam board //  white pom pom // sparkling glitter //

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xo, Lauren

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