Last Day of School 2019-2020

The phrase "last day of school," is usually filled with much excitement for the Summer and to end another school year. Today, it feels completely different. I think it has been harder on me now, than the girls, since we have shielded them from what is truly our new reality. Will we remember this as the end of school year due to a worldwide pandemic or will we choose to label it as the year ended with distance learning at home?
I could have never imagined when I pulled the girls out the week before Spring Break, for doctors appointments, a Kindergarten screening and a friend play date that they would never walk those school hallways again (well my oldest since it was her last year at her current school). Everything was taken away... her last couple of months with her sweet friends, teachers, singing at her end of the year program and our surprise plans to celebrate hear VPK Graduation. We still haven't told her that by the grace of the Fairy Godmother, I had gotten a reservation for a Disney Princess Brunch (Rapunzel, Ariel, Aurora and more) to celebrate. That of course is on hold until further notice and we had plans to attend that JoJo Siwa concert tomorrow night as well. I am grateful to have the girls home and healthy with me, but at the same time I just can't wrap my brain around it all coming to an end this way. All the plans, and what we thought this time would look like just isn't fair. 

Then, I begin to imagine what the next school year will be like...
Will children return to the classroom in August? If so, what will that look like? All the unknowns secretly scare me. I want my girls, especially my oldest to experience their elementary years like I once did. I fear that school like we once knew will be a thing of the past, I am already hearing talk of hybrid learning in our county. Isn't it too soon to make a decision about an event that will take place in almost three months. After a few short weeks of preschool distance learning, we decided to put pause on all of the web based options (zoom class meetings, FaceTime chats, and Marco Polo video sharing). It was all too much to fast and the girls started to act out since they weren't cut out for "distance learning." They love to go to school, feel the independence and share all about their day with us when we pick them up.

So, I will put on my happy face tomorrow (at least try to), pass out our teacher gifts, wave goodbye to one of favorite schools and pray that we can all return next Fall. Summer, please be good to us.
2017-2018 School Year
2018-2019 School Year
2019-2020 School Year
Cherish those sweet preschool days, they certainly zoom on bye.
xo, Lauren

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