Countdown to Valentine's Day

 As a Mom, I want the girls to remember special keepsakes from each holiday. As a child, everything is magical and pure innocence. I can recall certain decorations my mom put out year after year, which have now been passed down to me. Decorations might be things, but they can hold a special place of memories in ones heart... reminiscing the past. Speaking of time, I created a keepsake with the girls that we can count the days, or simply add a marker on a chart to signify a date. I created a Countdown to Valentines Day Calendar for us to pull out for years to come. I'll take you through the process and what you will need. 


Target Dollar Spot Advent Calendar $1.00 (found in our clearance for 70% off)

1 sheet of large light pink felt

1 sheet of large hot pink felt 

Cardstock Letter/Number Pack

Mod Podge  (I prefer the matte)

Valentines Paper Napkin Set 

Misc. Decorations 

Mini hot glue gun 

Fabric cutting scissors 


  1. First, spray your wooden calendar with a matte spray paint. (let dry)
  2. Unfold disposable napkins and cut along horizontal line (making a long rectangle strip).
  3. Measure the width of first strip then cut the disposable napkin to match. (Note: for my calendar I used 4 napkins total). 
  4. Cover all areas that you will be adding the napkin strips to with mod podge, then add strips on top (let dry for approx. 10 minutes).
  5. Paint a layer of mod podge on top of paper napkin strips, let dry, then repeat another layer. 
  6. Cut felt heart balloons out. 
  7. Hot glue numbers onto felt heart balloons. 
  8. Start at the bottom of the wooden calendar and work your way to the top. 
  9. Add hot glue on the back of each felt heart balloon (pocket), line around the edge and leaving an inch or two at the sides/top with no glue. 
  10. Place on the calendar, while pressing down create a pocket, pushing inward slightly on the edges of the felt balloons. 
  11. Repeat step 10 until all pockets are on calendar. 
  12. Accessorize, add ribbon for balloon strings, sequins, etc. 
  13. Don't forget your place marker, I found a felt heart from one of decorations + added a dowel to it. 
  14. Depending on the weight of your calendar either add ribbons to the side to hand or a bracket on the back (we did both on ours). 
If you have any questions let me know, you can comment below or send me an email. Don't forget to tag me if you recreate. Spread Love Friends. 
xo, Lauren 

I was inspired by this Balloon Countdown Calendar, but saved at least $40 and instead made the above for under $12. 

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