Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure & The French Pavilion Expansion

 Bonjour, Mademoiselle/Monsieur, bienvenue. 

Do I sound as though I’ve spent some time in Paris, because it sure felt like it yesterday during our visit to the new expansion to the French Pavilion and upcoming opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Walt Disney World Imagineers, staff and anyone else I might have missed always create what we never thought possible, which becomes a reality and your immersed into it. Which brings me to sharing all the details from yesterday. It truly was a one of a kind experience, I am forever grateful to be invited and even given the opportunity. To attend a behind the scenes event presented by Walt Disney World is one for the books. Think about this for one second, when you visit a Disney park, you see the magic from the attractions, decor, merchandise, cast members, and anything else that brings you joy during your visit; but, what about all of the behind the scenes to make that happen. I have some much appreciation after seeing with my eyes all that is done to make this all happen, and it is in the guests best interest. To be in a part of EPCOT, with limited guests, imagineers, press/news outlets, cast members, management and more was truly incredible.

Time to share my thoughts…


Any setting with lots of flowers is my type of ambiance, they sure did bring lots of colorful florals to this area. As you walk down the main strip toward the faux champagne fountain you can find a setting with lots of picture opportunities. I can see this area as a hotspot for lots of pictures being taken. Let your imagination take you to there, riding a Vespa down the streets of Paris, or gazing into a pastry shop, that’s not it, twirling down the streets and ending that dizzy twirl swinging around a light post. Let me give you a hint of a must see, find all the hidden Remy’s, we found eight (if you included Remy the character meet/greet). Also, take a look at one of the window displays and see if you can figure out the neat details on the wine bottles, the significance is a nod to Ratatouille. Imagineers took the time to share so much details and significance to us girls during our visit, it was neat to go on mini scavenger hunts with them. 


First, let me explain the difference of a galette vs. a crêpe, because I wasn’t aware. Galette’s are a savory crêpe and a crêpe of course is sweet and indulgent. So what did we choose, BOTH, but we ate the indulgent before the savory; we couldn’t help ourselves, I guess you could say we ate dessert prior to eating our lunch. Only at Walt Disney World. 

There is a quick service, Crêpes À Emporter where you can walk up and purchase galettes, crêpes, ciders, wines, beverages and more. 

La Crêperie de Paris, is the dine in/table service restaurant with a full menu to order from, soups and salads are amongst the delicious items on the menu. 

(This was the limited menu for the private event)

Remy Ratatouille Adventure Ride

Think new technology meets a ride with an experience, and being able to imagine yourself being in the movie. This ride was everything and more, a bit scary the first go around for my oldest, but then once she knew what was coming she loved it… so much so that we rode it I think 7-8 times during our preview event. Why not? No line or wait so let’s do it. It’s a 3D adventure ride that takes you along with Remy. Spoiler, you will get off the ride hungry, it smells that delicious on this  ride; and there is a chance you will get a bit wet. The technology behind it, when you actually aren’t moving yet feel like you are turning, falling, and more just blows my mind. I must add, if you have the time, ride this ride from a different viewpoint each time, three cars go at a time, so we made sure to be on the left/middle or right then front row, vs. back row. We saw different views each time that we missed other times. Also, it was easy for us to be able to do this with the ride not being open to the public. No height or age requirement to ride.

(4D glasses for the ride)
Above: right before we rode Remy for the first time, you can see the excitement on her face.

Character Sightings

Remy and Emile wandered amongst the streets during the private event, I am not sure where/when they will be out and about once officially opened. All guidelines are still in place, meeting while socially distanced. They have awesome personalities and interact in the sweetest manner, especially for being “rats,” they are cheesy and adorable. I went into the experience thinking I was Team Remy, but after meeting Emile we loved him just the same. 


Really neat things coming your way, some items are available in locations throughout EPCOT now. If you have a visit planned before the official opening, make sure you try to find some of the new Ratatouille merchandise. New things that will be available in the expansion area… tableware, clothing, toys, ears, light up necklace and more. The girls can’t wait to go back and get the remote control rats and the toy replica of the ride rat cars. 

Opening October 1st, 2021 at EPCOT in the French Pavilion. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or send me an e-mail to Didn’t want to spoil everything there is to see, so you will have to plan a visit for yourself. Last tip: face coverings are required on all attractions and indoor spaces.

You can learn more here.  

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