A Diaper Bag Must Have

By the time baby girl is born, it will have been almost six years since we’ve had a newborn. So much has changed in the baby world, so many new products, musts and more but one thing that remains the same is converting my favorite tote bags (designer too) into a functional diaper bag. I knew a “must” would be organizing with a ToteSavvy insert. 

Why this insert?
Having to organize all babies things and moms too, can be overwhelming, I love the ToteSavvy insert because it has a variety of different sized pockets to hold “all the things,” and more. All of the products are built to make your life easier and organized. Available in many colors and three different sizes: mini, original or the deluxe. It doesn’t stop with the insert, also you can shop the change kit… think modern crossbody bag meets baby functionality must (perfect for a walk or quick trip out, holds a wipe pack, diapers and some smaller items.) The last product they offer is a travel organizer, haven’t tried that yet, it’s on my list since we travel frequently. Might be a nice thing to have for each girl, to keep them organized. 

Need a gift for a new mom or expecting mom?
If your shopping for another new mom or a friend of yours that just had a new baby, look no further. ToteSavvy offers gift sets, which are perfect when you aren’t sure what to send as a gift. 
Build your gift set on the website, try it with me
1. Select your gift box
2. Select an insert (color and size)
3. Add a starter wipe/diaper set
4. Select a swaddle blanket
5. Add toys/teethers 
Have it shipped directly to the recipient of your choice. You can never have enough of the above that is included in your buildable gift set. 

Will the insert fit in my bag?
All the inserts have the dimensions listed and if you go to their website here, they have some examples of bags that have been used by customers to give you an idea. I’ve always used a Stoney Clover or a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Did I mention the insert is so easy to pack, since you can pull it out, lay it flat and add everything you need in it.

Hope y’all found this helpful if you were on the fence with a diaper bag and didn’t want to give up carrying a designer bag. Thank you ToteSavvy for gifting the gift set with the original insert (blush), everything is perfect. 
xo, Lauren 

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