Ring Pop Craft

Are you looking for a fun craft to do in the backyard with your kiddos? I’ve got an easy craft with minimal supplies. Grab your kiddos, a Ring Pop Party Pack and start crafting.

You will need:

• coffee filters

• markers

• Ring Pop Party Pack

• pipe cleaners 

• spray bottle (add water)


Step 1: flatten two coffee filters

Step 2 & 3: color the coffee filters then spray them with water and watch the colors run.

Step 4: pinch two coffee filters together in the middle. 

Step 5: secure the coffee filters together with a pipe cleaner. Make a loop through knot, under and through the middle of filters. Leave some space to secure Ring Pop in the middle.

Step 6: add Ring Pop in the middle. 

Thank you Ring Pop for the fun box, we had the best time crafting in the backyard. An afternoon filled with laughs, lots of coloring and a beautiful mess of creativity shining. For more go to Ring Pop Party Starters

xo, Lauren

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